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Talking Marketing

So, do you think marketing is just about brochures and billboards? Yellow page ads and Yelp? Nah. Or at least, that’s not how we see it. We’ll be talking about promotional aspects, certainly. That’s definitely a part of marketing a business. But it goes far beyond that, so expect to see discussions of customer service, posture, position, attitude and more. [...]

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Talking Case Studies

Well, here we are at case studies. Sounds all official, doesn’t it? Actually, this category will be where we’ll talk about how the principles we promote are being lived out in the real world. It might be stories of our clients, it might be stories straight from the news. What it won’t be is all formal and stiff and full [...]

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Talking Resources

You’ve heard the axiom that when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail, right? And we don’t want that to be you, hammering away at a problem that really calls for a screwdriver. (And yes, some problems call for the liquid kind.) To that end, we want to provide information on tools and resources that can [...]

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Talking Business Sense

There’s a Calvin & Hobbes cartoon in which Calvin trumpets the fact that he has common sense, he just chooses to ignore it. (One of my faves!) Sadly, some don’t have business sense to even ignore. Whoa now! It’s not to say that anyone isn’t smart or clever or bloody brilliant at what they do. We’re quite certain you make [...]

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Talking Money

Well, this one seems obvious, right? We all get the idea of money. That’s why we’re in business, after all. But we’re going to be looking a little more specifically at managing money. So how to budget it. How to avoid debt. How to get out of debt. How to use it. After all, cash is king and thus deserves [...]

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