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3 business lessons from Penny and Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory

We love The Big Bang Theory at our house (and have turned Susan on to the show as well). Who knew a group of geeks could be so funny! An episode from Season 2 came on the other day, and between the jokes, I could see the perfect example of why I do what I do. Penny has stumbled on [...]

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Avoiding “Three-Nail Bookkeeping”

I heard a bad joke once about ”three-nail bookkeeping”:  one nail for the unpaid bills, one nail for the collected invoices, and the third nail to hang oneself.  Well, doesn’t that just make you want to quit your day job and work for yourself.  Depressing. But as I look at why small businesses fail, a major reason that keeps coming up [...]

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How small businesses are spending

Fascinating infographic from the folks at Intuit. Do you see yourself in the TV personalities list at the end? Who are you most like? via: How Small Businesses Are Spending [INFOGRAPHIC]    

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Yes, Virginia – no debt is possible

Boy. We knew we had a radical idea here when we agreed that no debt was going to be a core principle of the message we preach. We just never realized what a reaction we’d get on it. Forgive the scrunched up foreheads because we truly are puzzled. It’s like people believe it’s their right to go into debt and [...]

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Talking Money

Well, this one seems obvious, right? We all get the idea of money. That’s why we’re in business, after all. But we’re going to be looking a little more specifically at managing money. So how to budget it. How to avoid debt. How to get out of debt. How to use it. After all, cash is king and thus deserves [...]

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