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3 business lessons from Penny and Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory

We love The Big Bang Theory at our house (and have turned Susan on to the show as well). Who knew a group of geeks could be so funny! An episode from Season 2 came on the other day, and between the jokes, I could see the perfect example of why I do what I do. Penny has stumbled on [...]

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Financial help is just a call away

My goal in writing this blog is NOT to fill these pages with detailed, in-depth boring academic chirping to make me feel good about myself.  No – it’s not about me at all, as Susan pointed out last week.  I’ll write about myself and my business and money experiences, but in the end, it will be about you, the small [...]

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How do you know when you need outside financial help?

You could probably invoke all sorts of business-school metrics to answer this one, although a better measure might be your chronic insomnia. Plenty of entrepreneurs battle anxiety, says Ken Kaufman, founder and CEO of Utah-based CFOwise, which provides part-time CFOs to small and midsize businesses. It’s a common symptom among business owners who don’t have a solid grasp of their [...]

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Wait … just what is a “management” accountant?

Everybody has heard of ice cream, but the first time you heard the word ‘gelato’, you probably needed an explanation- and then you discovered that you really did know what it was. Same here.  When you hear ‘accountant’, you probably think of someone with a green visor studying tax laws and the application of them. But I can assure you [...]

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Avoiding “Three-Nail Bookkeeping”

I heard a bad joke once about ”three-nail bookkeeping”:  one nail for the unpaid bills, one nail for the collected invoices, and the third nail to hang oneself.  Well, doesn’t that just make you want to quit your day job and work for yourself.  Depressing. But as I look at why small businesses fail, a major reason that keeps coming up [...]

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I hate to write. Can we just talk?

I’m not a writer like my sister, Susan.  She’s loves to read and write.   Not me.  Don’t misunderstand - I love to think and do research.  But I can’t get it out of my head and onto the paper very easily.  I was the gal who was up all night before the term paper was due writing the darn thing.  Pressure.  I need another [...]

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