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Does it make sense to deliver?

You’re wanting to expand, bring in more business, increase revenues. (Who doesn’t?) And maybe … you should start offering delivery! But when does it make sense? A reporter asked me that recently and it’s an interesting question. In some industries, delivery is pretty much a given. But should it be? And when might delivery give you a competitive advantage? Problem [...]

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The end of the road

In Alice in Wonderland, poor Alice is lost and increasingly confused when she asks the Cheshire Cat for help in finding a way. A way to she’s-not-quite-sure-where. The Cheshire Cat tells her that if you don’t know where you’re going, it doesn’t matter what road you take. It’s a tactical vs. strategic thing. Before you start asking whether you should [...]

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It’s what they want, not what you want
not about you

It’s not about you it’s what they want to buy. Not what you want to sell them. It’s what they want to pay. Not what you want to charge. It’s what they want to get. Not what you want to give. In the end, running a business is all about them – your customers and clients. If you can’t meet [...]

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Get your piece of the local search pie

If you ask customers how they found you, are you hearing “Google” or “online search” more often? When’s the last time someone told you they found you in the YellowPages? There was a time when online searches seemed to only benefit big companies and services. But local search is increasingly how people are finding things these days. You might be [...]

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The evolution of local search

Infographic by MDG Advertising

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3 reasons to attend EntreLeadership simulcast

Interested in learning how to be a better business leader? Want to find out how to have peace about your business finances? Concerned about your decision making skills? If you’re in El Paso, you’re in luck because we’re hosting a one-day event that will answer those questions and more for you. On September 30, we’d love for you to join [...]

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How small businesses are spending

Fascinating infographic from the folks at Intuit. Do you see yourself in the TV personalities list at the end? Who are you most like? via: How Small Businesses Are Spending [INFOGRAPHIC]    

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Name awareness is a worthless goal

Food festivals are great places for chatting with small business owners about their products, their marketing, their goals. Well, when they are actually trying to market their products. One managed to get in on a conversation I was having with my husband about the lack of differentiation between booths at the festival. (The marketing machine never turns off.) He had [...]

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Avoid these three customer service no-nos

There’s a gaping space in my garage right now. That’s it in the picture. It’s the space between one of the cars and one of the motorcycles. It’s where my motorcycle should be parked. See, it’s been at the shop for a month now. For a job I was told would take 10 days. And it is supposed to be [...]

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Talking Marketing

So, do you think marketing is just about brochures and billboards? Yellow page ads and Yelp? Nah. Or at least, that’s not how we see it. We’ll be talking about promotional aspects, certainly. That’s definitely a part of marketing a business. But it goes far beyond that, so expect to see discussions of customer service, posture, position, attitude and more. [...]

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