You’re wanting to expand, bring in more business, increase revenues. (Who doesn’t?) And maybe … you should start offering delivery!

But when does it make sense? A reporter asked me that recently and it’s an interesting question. In some industries, delivery is pretty much a given. But should it be? And when might delivery give you a competitive advantage?

  1. Problem with location – Your product is used in a different place and it’s a challenge for the customer to get to you when they need it. Think about a boutique pet food that I need on a monthly basis, but your shop is out of the way for everyone.
  2. Problem with the product – Your product is large, bulky and difficult to move. Think major appliances or anything that gets bought in bulk. Not everyone has a huge SUV that can carry a ton of office supplies.
  3. No problem with price – Your customer is willing to pay for it. In other words, it adds value to the product for me to not have to worry about getting it somewhere myself. Or having to go back out for it. Think pizza or chinese food delivery. (Yum!)

With any of these, you need to carefully consider whether delivery adds value, gives you a competitive advantage and can help you make money.

Photo Credit: kamshots on flickr. CC BY 2.0 license