Everybody has heard of ice cream, but the first time you heard the word ‘gelato’, you probably needed an explanation- and then you discovered that you really did know what it was.

Same here.  When you hear ‘accountant’, you probably think of someone with a green visor studying tax laws and the application of them. But I can assure you that I do not own a green visor (nor a pocket protector for that matter). And I’m not the kind of accountant you typically think of.

I’m what’s called a certified management accountant. And just like gelato is kind of like ice cream, my kind of accounting is kind of like what you normally think of accounting. Only not. And you probably already have an accountant. So why would you need another one?

If you need someone to perform and sign audits and do tax work, you need to call a CPA to look at the historical performance of your business, which you can no longer do anything about.  The past is the past.

If you want professional help to optimize the cost of your product and/or service, to define performance measurements that interpret your profitability, or to budget cash flow in a way that ensures that you never go into debt,  than you need to call a CMA (that would be me!) to help you look at the future possibilities.  We want you to be successful at what you do!

Flickr image by avlxyz. CC BY-SA 2.0 license.